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Why am I so needy?

Why am I so needy?

Even strong young lions sometimes go hungry, but those who trust in the Lord will lack no good thing. Psalm 34:10

I read these words and still find myself asking the same question. It’s not a new question, but one I have asked myself many times.

Is this really true?

I mean, I have plenty of food. I have a home and clothes on my back. I have money in the bank. However, the words of the verse state… “those who trust in the Lord will lack no good thing.

If this is true, why do I feel so needy?

If I am honest I would have to say that my life always feels like it is lacking something. I lack enough time, money, love, friends, joy, laughter etc.


Is this a matter of mindset? Because I do have an abundance of beautiful things in my life.

Beautiful people.

Beautiful home.

Beautiful car.

Beautiful creation around me.

Why do I feel like I lack anything?

The question that I must ask myself is, would I really desire Him without an empty place in my heart? If my need wasn’t so great would I miss the beauty of His love?

The Lord has brought me through many seasons in my life. Some of the seasons have not been so great.

In 2012, I lost my husband of almost 17 years and the father of my children. It was so dark, I couldn’t see His light. It was so painful, I couldn’t feel His love. It was so bleak, I couldn’t imagine a future. But… My God is so Faithful.

He is light. He is love. He is my Healer. He is my future.

He took me to a place of tremendous need to show me He would meet all my needs. He did restore my life and has blessed me and the kids with Gary. He has brought us to a new city, and once again I find myself in need of friends and community. He has brought me to a place of loneliness to show me that He will meet this need as well.

My God is big enough to meet all my needs. He is big enough to meet all of yours as well. We do not need to be ashamed of our neediness, but embrace it. There is no greater indicator of dependence on God than human need.

Need is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of dependence.

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  • Thanks Carrie. I often struggle with jealousy. I think I need all the things everyone else seems to have to achieve happiness. I’m never more content, however, than when I am completely dependent on Him. In every way.

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