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Which Way Should I Go?

Which Way Should I Go?

God has a purpose for each person’s life. He has equipped you for a good work that only you can do. It is why He has crafted you and placed you on this planet.

You have a purpose and a destiny.

God knows what His plan is for your life. You may not know what He has in mind yet. I cannot tell you a sure fire way to figure out the plan God has for you. There is no five or ten or twelve step process to figure out your destiny. You must rest in the fact that even though you may not know what your destiny is you know the One who does. You can only seek to have a closer relationship with the One who holds all the answers, and He will tell you what you need to do at the right time.

You may be thinking to yourself that you don’t have a Spiritual gift. You may think that God clearly skipped you. You have gone over the list in 1 Corinthians 12 and you cannot find where you fit in. This is so completely normal. You definitely do have a gift, in fact you probably have more than one, but God may not show you what it is or how to use it until you are ready for the information. If God told you right off the bat what your gift was and how He wanted you to use it then you may be tempted to run full force and completely wear yourself out. You see He will only tell you this information when you understand exactly who He is and who you are in Christ. Until you rest in your confidence of who you are as a child of God, He will more than likely not tell you your calling. And really He withholds this information for your own good.

In last week’s post we looked at balance. We found we should not be seeking balance in our lives. The pursuit of balance is really what is sucking the life right out of us. We need to first and foremost seek Him, and work on being completely in love with Him. He will do the rest.

It works the same way in finding our purpose.

The only way we will ever come to understand exactly what we are supposed to be doing in life is when we give up trying to find it and start trying to find Him. When we seek Jesus Christ over everything else in our life then He will reveal our calling. It’s at that moment we are finally ready to hear it. We can begin to work towards our destiny because we understand that He is the one who is going to be doing it through us. We have the balance figured out, and we have come to understand that He alone is our strength. #focusedfaith #findingyourpurpose

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