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The Miracle of Logan’s Bike

The Miracle of Logan’s Bike

Jesus rang our doorbell last night during dinner.

Now before you think I’ve gone crazy … (too late for some of you), let me explain.

We opened the door last night to our neighbor, Bill. He and his wife Nicole live right next door. They are a couple in their late 40’s with no kids at home. They clearly love people, because they have visitors all the time. They have a pool and in the summer they love to enjoy it with friends and music.

They are fun people.

Bill showed up last night and explained that he had found Logan’s bike sitting next to the garbage dumpster on our street. He told Logan he had rescued his bike, and he would love to help him fix it. He shared with us that the bike is not in that bad of shape and it wouldn’t take much to fix it up.

Logan was thrilled.

Bill and Logan have plans to fix his bike on Monday afternoon.

I love it when Jesus shows up in unexpected places and through unexpected people!

The enemy intended harm on Tuesday night when he used a desperate person to raid our car and take Logan’s bike.

But God turned the situation around and used it for good.

Good for Logan.

Good for Bill.

Good for me.

Bill had no personal reason to intervene and rescue Logan’s bike. (In the pouring down rain I might add). He just did it.

When I expressed my gratitude to Bill for helping Logan he simply said, “Well Logan’s a great kid. I liked him from the start.” I smiled in agreement with him.

Logan is a good kid. He’s a kid who turns eleven on the 15th of this month. He loves the Lakers, Kobe Bryant, God, his family, and the Raiders. He is a kid who lost his father at the tender age of 7. He knows the pain of a broken heart. He knows the suffering of a dark, scary road.

He is compassionate and kind. He is also an example of Jesus all the time.

As we dive into 2016 we can be reminded that good things happen everywhere, and Jesus shows up in the most unusual places.

Always keep your eyes open to see Him.


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