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The Crossing Guard…

The Crossing Guard…

There is a sweet man that I see every morning and every afternoon.  He stands at the corner by the elementary school with his yellow vest and hand held stop sign.  The crossing guard for Emma Wilson Elementary is an older gentleman.

I do not know his name.

I have never spoken to him.  I drop Logan off at school, so I have not had any reason to strike up a conversation or even speak to him.

The crossing guard stands at the corner of a four way stop where he assists children that need to cross the busy road.  This man waves at every single car that stops at this intersection.  He offers a wave and a smile as if to say, “Thanks for stopping.  Thanks for keeping these children safe.”  I don’t mean he waves when a driver stops and allows him to usher children across the street.  I mean he waves at every single car each morning and afternoon.

Every. Single. Car.

He also offers a smile.  I love this man.  I do not know this man.  I do not need to speak to him to see his heart.

I miss his wave and smile if for some reason he is distracted either by children or adults.  I feel like I need to wait at the stop sign for his wave before I can go on my way.

Friday must have been his birthday.

I was following a car that pulled over to the side of the road and quickly passed him a birthday balloon.  I also noticed he was holding a Dutch Bros coffee instead of his usual coffee mug, someone else must have brought him a birthday coffee.  I smiled because I knew I was not the only one who loves this man.  I am not the only one who has been touched by his kindness.

It doesn’t take much to brighten someone’s day.  It doesn’t take much to convey love to a stranger.  I watch it happen every single day.

How did I experience God this morning?  Well I saw Jesus at the corner by Emma Wilson School, just like I do every weekday.

How have you experienced God?  I would love to hear your story.

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