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The Balanced Life

The Balanced Life

As women, we live our lives seeking “balance”. We want to have a balanced approach to all of our roles and all of our activities in our busy schedules. This becomes our pursuit, our aim, our goal. We want to be above all else a balanced woman. We want to have happy children, a content husband, fun friends, a great job, a fit body, purpose, joy and a contagious love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We want all of these things. We want to be balanced in all of these areas. We think that balance is what will keep us from having a nervous breakdown. We think that balance is the answer to living the abundant life. I am not convinced this is true.

I believe that perhaps seeking “balance” is what is truly killing us. This pursuit of balance is what is sucking the life out of our very heart and soul. Now you may be thinking, “we live in a crazy time that requires some type of prioritizing of life or else we will for sure fail at everything”. This is true.

Yet, is this the way we were designed and created. Were we made for balance? I am not so sure.

When we pursue balance we begin to take this approach to everything in our life. We begin to balance our time between children, husband, activities, church, work etc. We take chunks of our hearts and we spread it around. Now I agree that one cannot have a completely unbalanced life. I agree that a person should never spend all of their time in any one area, especially work. This will surely kill you and kill your relationships. We need balance, but we should not be pursuing this balance. When this is our pursuit then we often take this balanced approach into our relationship with God as well. We become so accustom to spreading ourselves around that we give the Lord His section of our heart and life.

We divide the pie and He gets His piece, only this is not the life that He has called us to live.

He never said to give Him a portion of your heart and life. He never asked for a piece of anything. Yet, this is what we have become good at, not balance necessarily, but seeking balance.

So begins the biggest pitfall of our life….

If not balance then what?  I believe we were made for passion.  How do we find a passionate, purposeful life?

I know that balance is needed in any healthy life. I am just saying that we were never designed to pursue balance. We were designed to be passionate in our pursuit of God and in our protection of relationships. This is what the heart of the woman was designed to do.

We need balance, absolutely. We are just not the one’s who will ever completely find it.

Balance comes from the pure pursuit of Jesus. When we pursue Him and seek Him with everything that we have in us then He places the balance in our life. He gives us the wisdom to make the right choices, He gives us the ability to prioritize our life. He tells us what needs to go and what needs to be fought for. We need His help. We cannot do this by ourselves. We need to place our entire heart into our relationship with God. We need to give up balance and come back to the passionate heart we were made for.

We were made to be dangerous, not divided. #balancedlife #focusedfaith

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