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Just Look Up…

Just Look Up…

The beauty of creation has always been a way for me to experience God.  The gracefulness of a flower, the intricacies of snowflakes, the sound of rushing water and the beauty of a sunrise.  When I lived in Montana nothing grabbed my attention more than the sky.  Montana is the Big Sky state after all, and it lives up to its name.  I can remember times when I had to pull my car to the side of the road because the clouds were so incredible.

IMG_2458In these moments of watching the sky I would praise God for giving me eyes to see His majesty all around me.  The more I shared my gratitude to God over the stunning beauty of the Montana sky the more He showed off.  It was a way for God to speak directly to my heart.

It was like the Lord was saying, “Hey kid you thought that was nice look at this!”  He was constantly blowing my mind.

I miss the Montana sky.

I miss many wonderful people in Montana.

Today as I was driving Logan to basketball practice I was thinking about how I have experienced God.  Immediately I was reminded of the beauty of the sky.  Not only was it from my memory that I was reminded, but when I looked out my windshield at the sky before me.


I was blown away again at the beauty of the sky over my new home in Chico.

It was as if the Lord was saying, “I know the Montana sky is amazing, but look I can show my beauty everywhere.”  He was grabbing my attention once again and blowing my mind with His beauty and His desire to speak to me.

God speaks to all of us.  He can use many different ways.  The question is… Are we paying attention? #experiencinggod #focusedfaith

How are you experiencing God?

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