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My God Will Right Every Wrong

My God Will Right Every Wrong

I have a love-hate relationship with “Facebook” memories.  The photo flashes on my phone from four years ago and my sweet, children smile from the screen.  All dressed up for Halloween fun with a lovely Minnie Mouse and a scary Count Dracula.  They are adorable in their costumes and I smile.  Then all at once I remember.  I am taken back to that day, that time, that season and the pain returns.  I see behind their smiles the broken hearts of my two babies.  Four years ago we were right in the middle of our grief.  It still hurt to breathe at that point.

The smiles took so much effort.  We survived and our God brought us through, but the pain never leaves completely.  Only those acquainted with sorrow understand.

I cannot look at pictures of my kids from that time and not hurt.  I remember all that we lost, the very important One that we lost.  Death robed us so viciously of the man we loved and needed.  Death attempts to taint my memories too, but Death has not won.

Jesus defeated death at the cross.

The pain of separation is very real.  The pain of loss never fully goes away.

The promise of my God is not only will we see Lee again, but when we reach our destination and arrive at our eternal home, He will right every wrong.  The pain will be removed.  Only He can fully restore all that was taken from us.  Memories will be clothed in joy, not sorrow.  Hearts will be full of love, not pain.  Relationships will be united, not broken.

I am not sure how He will do it, but I know that He will.


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