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For Roseburg

For Roseburg

It’s raining in Chico today.

Not a downpour, but moisture just the same and we will take it. The drought in California is for real. I love the cooler weather that the moisture brings. We need a break from the heat as well.

In the grocery store this morning, I told the cashier that we were finally getting some Oregon weather. (She was aware that I had just recently moved from Oregon. Yes, I talk to everyone).

She said, “I know, don’t you love it?”

Yes… because I do miss Eugene. I miss my friends. I miss my house. And yes… I miss the rain. Not months of rain, but some rainy days would be nice.

After the store, a quick run and a shower I turn on the news as I grab a bite for lunch. I can’t finish my food. I watch in horror as the news unfolds about another school shooting. This one in Roseburg, Oregon at Umpqua Community College. So many lives taken in a moment.

Senseless, horrible, pain.

It’s all I can see as my eyes well up with tears. What is the meaning of all this suffering? Why does evil seem to win? Sometimes life makes no sense. There is no other way to say it. I know what it is to walk through death, and my heart breaks for the families who will never be the same. October will no longer mean pumpkins, sweaters, caramel apples and cider. This month will forever be shadowed by the massacre.

At least, for the one’s left to carry on.

It’s raining in Chico today. As the rain hits the pavement, the windows, the sidewalks we remember. We remember the heartache in Roseburg. We remember, as the rain falls, that life is short and can be changed in a moment.


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