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Have you ever decided to eat healthy?  I don’t mean a crash diet.  I mean a complete change in lifestyle and habit.  I try to eat healthy and exercise regularly.  But it is seriously challenging.  I do love food.  All kinds of food.  I also like sugar.  This is my biggest downfall.  The crazy thing about food is how obsessed humans can become with it.

I have been following an eating plan for the past several weeks now.  It’s called the 21 Day Fix and it’s developed by Beachbody.

It’s a pretty easy plan to follow.  It’s real food and it’s a decent amount of food.  (I could always eat more and many times do.)

The minute I watch my diet closely I begin to crave the sugar that I have deprived my body.



(This one is my new favorite… Spicy and awesome!)

Our bodies need food to survive and will crave nourishment.  But we can spend a lot of time thinking about what we will eat, when we will eat, if we should eat, how much we should eat etc.  The enjoyment and pleasure derived from food is not bad.  God designed us to need food.  He created us to have the ability to enjoy the taste of food.  He gave us a simple, wonderful thing to enjoy on a regular basis through-out our day.  We should always be grateful for our food.

He uses the metaphor of food to teach us many things about Himself as well.

Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.”  (1 Peter 2:2-3).

Peter does not say, now that you have heard that the Lord is good.  He does not say, now that you have seen that the Lord is good.  Each one of us must experience God for ourselves and taste that the Lord is good.

Peter could have chosen any other word to use in place of the word taste.  He could have said, now that you have felt that the Lord is good, now that you have seen that the Lord is good, now that you have experienced His emotional connection to your soul, but he chooses the word taste.

Until we have tasted of His goodness for ourselves, we can live our lives oblivious to our need for Him.  If we have never tasted chocolate for ourselves, we will never crave it.  Another person can tell us that it is good, but if we have never experienced it ourselves, we will not ever really want it, need it, crave it. #focusedfaith #crave #21dayfix

“Knowing about God’s love is not the same thing as experiencing the reality of it in your life.”  A Woman and Her God, Sandra D Wilson.

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