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A Friendship Missed…

A Friendship Missed…

There was an estate sale on my street last week.  A house diagonally across from mine began the sale on Thursday morning.  I didn’t really need anything, but it’s a sale right across the street.  If the sale was across town I wouldn’t have bothered, but it was so close, I figured… Why not take a look.  Well… I found a lamp, table, plant, small ladder and garden decoration.


As I was walking over to the house I ran into my neighbor across the street who was doing the same thing.  We laughed about how ridiculous we were for shopping for things we didn’t really need.  I asked my friend if he knew what happened to the elderly lady who lived in the house.  He informed me that she had passed away several weeks ago.

I was shocked.

He said he heard the sirens several weeks back when she must have called 911.  I never heard the sirens.  How could I have missed an ambulance on my street?  Maybe we were gone.  (I hope so.)

I was saddened by the news of this woman’s death.  I felt even worse about the fact that I live only 50 yards from her house and I didn’t even know.

Years ago this wouldn’t have happened.  In days past people lived in villages and remained in close contact with their neighbors.

People lived in communities.  Now we live in neighborhoods.

We live inside our energy efficient homes with our windows and doors shut.  We close our garage door the minute we pull the car in and no one can even tell if we are home.  We have lost the ability to live in community.

We view our “friends” on Facebook and look into their displayed lives, but do we really see who they are.  Can this exchange real conversation?  Can it replace coffee shared between neighbors?  I don’t think so.  We have to figure out how to share our lives with people again.  Especially those who live within walking distance from our front door.

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